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Craik Green Map

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"Craik: Greenest Community by a Dam Site"
About this Map

The Craik Green Map was created to highlight areas and activities in the local area relating to sustainable living. It shows the town of Craik and some of its surrounding are, including Arm Lake and the Arm River Valley. The map was designed by Paul Stinson, and overlays a road map and Green Map Icons over an aerial photograph of Craik in the spring. Since the maps publication, a number of new initiatives have been developed, which will be included in the next edition.

Community Outcomes

There is interest in and funding secured for constructing an informational kiosk that displays a large version of the map and other information about sustainability projects and activities in the area. There has also been renewed interest in trail development in the area, including a partnership with Trans-Canada Trails. In addition, an area that was identified as an "eyesore" on the map has since been cleaned up by the local government.

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Craik - Saskatchewan - Canada - North America
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