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Pyeongtack Local Town Restoration Project “There was a Village.”

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Pyeongtack Local Town Restoration Project
About this Map

■ Project Name: Pyeongtack Local Town Restoration Project titled “There was a Village.”
■ Theme: Community
■ Location: Pyeongtack city in Gyounggi Province
■ Organizer: Green Pyeongtack Local Agenda 21, Pyeongtack Peace Center
■ Content:
- Testimonies about the culture and history of a disappeared village called Daechuri were made by former inhabitants. Daechuri has been expropriated for the US base relocation projects.
- Greenmapping former looks of Daechuri based on the testimonies
- Use the map as a mean to show the destroyed community and village to the visitors of Daechuri exhibition hall.
■ Importance: This map plays an important role of healing for the villagers who left the village broken hearted by helping them to recall good old days and giving them hopes.

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