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Our Town worth Living in

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- Site inspection together with children and inhabitants (travel round the town)
About this Map

■ Project Name: Our Town worth Living in
■ Theme: Nature village, education
■ Location: Gunpo city
■ Organizer: Green Hope Gunpo 21 Local Agenda Natural Environment Subcommittee, Suri Mountain Nature School, youth environment club Deulggot (wild flower), Gunpo Culture Center
■ Content:
- Site inspection together with children and inhabitants (travel round the town)
- Making local icons to add more fun on Greenmap making
- Long-term environment researches together with the existing annual monitoring project
- Inhabitants interviews, researches, and education on culture and natural environment through discussions
■ Importance: The longest-term Greenmap making project with the largest number of researches among 2012 contest programs (21 times of research, 6 meetings of planning, 3 times of manufacturing work, 2 trainings, 24 icons creation, etc.). Various groups of local culture and environment were involved and current looks of disappearing Songjeong district were included. In order to draw attention from public and encourage their participation in the Greenmap making, local icon stickers were produced as an experience tool. Interviews are included in the Greenmap which is made by youths through their researches. Greenmap was most efficiently performed as a frame in the locally proceeded monitoring project.
■ Local Icons:

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