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Paju Tanhyun Town Explorer

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Paju Tanhyun Town Explorer
About this Map

■ Project name: Paju Tanhyun Town Explorer
■ Location: Paju city in Gyeonggi Province
■ Theme: Eco Tour
■ Organizer: Green Paju Local Agenda 21, Tanhyun-myun Inhabitant Autonomy Committee, Tanhyun-myun Office
■ Content:
- Project Team: Green Paju Local Agenda 21 (education and administration support), Tanhyun-myun inhabitant autonomy committee (field support & associated program leading), Tanhyun-myun office (administration & data support)
- Greenmap maker training and field trip for the family who registered
- Greenmap making and on-offline integrated interface building with QR code
■ Importance: Tanhyun-myun Inhabitant Autonomy Committee organized experience programs in order to increase public awareness of the town with supports of Green Paju Local Agenda 21 and Tanhyun-myun office. Greenmap played a role of medium for the realization of integrated governance (Expertise of Local Agenda 21 + Field knowledge from inhabitants + Administrative support from inhabitant autonomy center). This project started with a clear aim to utilize the Greenmap in city advertisement and field studies of elementary school students by providing information about infrastructures of education, culture and tourism.

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