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Green Town We Want to Live in

project called "Imaginary Picture of Town"
About this Map

■ Project Name: Green Town We Want to Live in
■ Theme: Community
■ Location: Hanam city in Gyeonggi Province
■ Organizer: Hanam City Environment Local Agenda 21 Culture Committee
■ Content:
- Youth Greenmap Camp: Greenmap project introduction, online training, simulated activity of documentation
- Youth activity of town information documentation (Shinjang-dong/Deokpung-dong/Sangsangok-dong)
- Greenmap making planning based on research data
- Greenmap making in cooperation with members of Culture Committee and Local Agenda 21 (Imaginary Picture of Town)
■ Importance: Hanam Local Agenda completed its unique project called "Imaginary Picture of Town" by utilizing all available human resources to tell about the disappearing and forgotten stories of Hanam. Legends (origin of the village names) of three villages and the past and present of the city were hand painted to make them more interesting and readable.

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