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Green Roads Recommended by Ansung Citizens

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Green Roads Recommended by Ansung Citizens
About this Map

■ Project Name: Green Roads Recommended by Ansung Citizens
■ Theme: Eco Tour
■ Location: Ansung city in Gyeonggi Province
■ Organizer: Green Ansung Local Agenda 21
■ Content:
- Select mountain hiking courses with good natural ecology conditions and experience facilities in Ansung
- Select 4 green hiking courses with low carbon rate (excellent preservation of wild flowers, undiscovered paths, historical roads, ecological parks)
- Develop experience facilities which go well with the green roads through field inspections and interviews of inhabitants
- Collect the ideas from inhabitant meetings and reflect them in map making
■Importance: This map is not only a simple tourist map for guidance of sightseeing but also shows the process of finding undiscovered excellent tourist attractions and experience facilities around them according to Ansung citizens’ selections. All travelling courses are connected to environmental friendly local resources to let the tourists learn more about local resources. This is the first made Eco-tour Greenmap which helps reducing the use of fossil fuel through efficient flow of travelling courses.

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