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Green Farm Map Making Together with Youths

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Green Farm Map Making Together with Youths
About this Map

■ Project Name: Green Farm Map Making Together with Youths
■ Theme: Local foods
■ Location: Uiwang city in Gyeonggi Province
■ Organizer: Uiwang City Sustainable Development Council, Uiwang Youth Center, Next Generation Council of Uiwang Youth, Youth Press Corps and Volunteers
■ Content:
- MOU with Uiwang Youth Center
- Greenmap activity starting ceremony and Greenmap maker formation (Greenmap maker recruiting and area assigning)
- Data collection and giving names to eco-friendly farms
- Greenmap producing and evaluation
■ Importance: This map gives chances of indirect experiences of urban farming to youths by providing them opportunities to visit urban farms and interview the farmers. These opportunities help the youth to learn about needs of urban farming and raise awareness of local foods’ importance. In this respect, this map is educationally effective to youths.

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