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Santa Monica Green Map

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Green Map for a Sustainable City
About this Map

The Santa Monica Green Map has been created to help residents and visitors reduce resource consumption, waste and pollution generation and safeguard environmental resources. The map helps users visualize the breadth and diversity of the local environmental resources and opportunities.

Produced by Isabelle Duvivier and funded by the City of Santa Monica's Environmental Programs Division (EPD) as part of the Sustainable City Program, this map is used as an environmental education tool. The Green Map stimulates discussion and promotes a wide variety of sustainable practices such as reductions in energy use, water use and waste generation, use of environmentally friendly transportation options, purchase of environmentally friendly goods and services, and increased consumption of regional and organic foods. Features include locations of green businesses, storm water percolation sites, trees bigger than 60 feet, environmental organizations, composting sites, solar energy sites, special gardens and much more.

In addition, the Map is used by Santa Monica teachers to help educate students about a variety of ecological issues in the watershed including water quality and conservation, the habitat needs of animals and plants, the impact of non-native species, the consequences of sprawl, the impact of consumer choices on the natural and built environment, and the interconnectedness of our actions and policy decisions.

Community Outcomes

This map is used as an environmental education tool by a variety of environmental organizations such as Sustainable Works, Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Piier Aquarium, Ballona Wetlands Land Trust and Environmental Programs Division of the City of Santa Monica.

It is also used as a watershed education tool by several local school district such as Santa Monica Unified School District, Los Angeles Unified School District and Culver City Unified School District.

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