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A new team based at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is taking the Melbourne Green Map to new heights in 2006! Focusing on the community in a REAL, local way is the goal, according to industrial design program director, Dr. Soumitri Varadarajan and Simon Curlis. Working with students and council members, the map will focus on sustainable consumption, bike paths, green markets, innovative projects, alternative activity sites and events for communities. There's a project blog up at <> and you can find out more about RMIT and its great programs, as well as Dr. Varanarajan's work, too.

Melbourn's first edition was published in 2001! This project's online Green Map was very sophisticated, beautifully designed and includes over 150 green sites! Both innovative and informative, the printed Green Map also made its debut in June 2001. This exemplary project was led by Michael Abdilla, of the National Research Centre for Environmental Design at RMIT, which has one of the world's great eco-design centers. Congrats to Michael and collaborators. Thanks also to Michael for sharing data and resources with the team leading the second edtion in 2006.

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