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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
About this Map

In Seoul South Korea, the Green Map project was originally led by Woo-young Jung, and colleagues at KFEM (Korean Federation for Environmental Movement), who posted the Green Map in early 2001! This beautifully designed map indicates environmentally friendly places in green icons and environmentally problematic places which need citizens' continuous monitoring in red icons. However, the website for the map was taken down by 2004. As the Seoul project started anew in 2008, with the City's Design Center in the lead, we are happy that this project is part of the Seoul Design Olympiad! To see the Seoul Green Map project go to

In 2000 Hwang Yoon Hye, a landscape architecture student at Seoul National University Environment Studies Department, worked with high school students to create Green Map for Seocho-Ku, one of the greener districts of Seoul. Her senior project was selected as the best landscape architecture project and published in a national magazine! Congrats to Hwang Yoon Hye. A copy of her thesis is in the Green Map Archives

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