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Edmonton, Canada

Learn about Edmonton, Canada's Green Map project
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This Green Map project is led a partnership between the South East Community Leagues Association and the City of Edmonton's Planning & Development Department. There's a large team involved in the project. In June 2002, preparation of the SECLA website and a hard copy map were achieved. This has been made possible because of a successful collaboration with the Federation of Alberta Naturalists: 10.000 copies of the map were delivered to every household in the Oct.-Nov. 2002 issue of the South East Voice. Maps were also delivered to schools in the Capital Region. Over the months of development, numerous workshops took place at University of Alberta, and community and youth mapmaking is took place with the Federation of Alberta Naturalists, Canada Parks and Wilderness Society, Wanna Walkers, Meadow View Guides, Beaverhill Scouts, Youth in Motion and Edmonton Public Schools.

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