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University of British Columbia

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This Green Map was initiated by David Van Vliet way back in 1998, and since then he has moved to Winnepeg (see above). In August 2001, there was a fresh beginning with Adam Vasilevich, landscape architect, leading the project with initial support from British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects. Their goal was a web-map with printed copies, but this effort also ended without a map being published.

In August 2004, a new approach to charting part of this green city by student Alice Miro and the University of British Columbia Campus Sustainability Office got underway. They published a great campus Green Map in no time! In 2006, the campus Green Map is being updated and published in the summer, with a new Mapmaker, Bianca Gunther and the school's Office of Sustainability. The citywide project still awaits leadership!

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