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Creative Climate Action Award 2013

#Resiliency – the ability to bounce back after a disruption – depends on a strong community and the kinds of connections that Green Maps provide. Our newest NYC maps and activities won a Creative Climate Action Award in October!

Thanks to the Human Impacts Institute for honoring our Adapting to Change - Lower East Ride Cycling Tour and Green Maps that provide a view of Superstorm Sandy’s impacts and resiliency resources around our Lower East Side neighborhood. Spanish, Chinese and English editions were produced to include neighborhood’s diverse residents - download them at This is also the place to find out about the engaging cycling tours we have been hosting along with our partners at Partnerships for Parks.

Resiliency, climate and energy issues have been the focus of NYC Green Maps since 2006, as noted below in the illustrated history of this project.

Interested in creating a resiliency focused Green Map of your community? Contact us and register at!