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Video: Green Map Cycling Tour

At #GreenMapNYC, we created a cycling map and tour series to introduce community members and visitors to local climate change impacts and #resiliency resources that directly address local needs and networks.

Entitled Adapting to Change - Lower East Ride, we have blogged about this project since Hurricane Sandy left her mark on our neighborhood.

We have produced interactive and printed Green Maps (in Chinese, Spanish and English), all of which can be explored at, and presented at the Crisismappers Conference.

Now, we have a new video that shares the process of designing, promoting and hosting a successful cycling tour that brings people together to visit mapped sites and discuss them, share ideas and get involved. It's good fun, too, and we even won a Creative Climate Action Award from the Human Impacts Institute.

Created by Aaron Reiss, Angran Li, Peter Shapiro and Wendy Brawer, the How To Video can be watched in English or Chinese! You can also download the text version and use it as a Guide and engage your community. Special thanks to our Global Giving supporters!

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