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The Sustianble Jerusalem Green Map displays all environmental, social and cultural sites in the city. The map is currently available in on-line interactive version. Visit our website at
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The Sustainable Jerusalem Green Map documents environmental and social sites and activities in the city of Jerusalem, enabling residents and tourists alike to experience the green side of the city in a new and exciting way. With the help of a large pool of student volunteers - both from Israel and abroad, the Jerusalem Green Map contains 50 different information layers and has mapped over 750 individual sites across the whole city. With the support of Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Jerusalem Green Map has developed an interactive, continually updated on-line version, enabling the user to receive the most up-to-date information.

The Sustainable Jerusalem Green Map was officially launched in February 2006 following two years of intensive work. Building the Jerusalem Green Map network included identifying the layers of information relevant to Jerusalem, translating the icons and definitions into Hebrew, accumulating and collating the information and sites with the assistance of student volunteers, and building the GIS and mapping network together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Conventional maps of the city do not mark any environmental or conservation sites, such as the Jerusalem Bird Observatory or the Flower Sanctuary. Consequently the Sustainable Jerusalem Green Map promotes eco, responsible tourism and exposes the user to a range of sites which have never been officially mapped by the city. Furthermore, as the map is available on-line, it enables clear visual representation of 50 separate information layers. In this way the user can focus his search on activities that interest him, see what is happening at a city level, and more importantly what needs to be done. As the map is currently available only online it is highly accessible with no costs incurred to the user.

Since the Sustainable Jerusalem Green Map was launched it has become a flag ship project of the Jerusalem branch. Its impacts have been far reaching, as seen by the number of hits the website has received in the past year, its focus in the 2006 annual SPNI Children's Conference, and the number of sites mapped.

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