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Plus Sustainable Barcelona Map will provide tools for the citizens to understand and disseminate initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability in Barcelona
About this Map

At, find an interactive map of Barcelona, done in a collaboratively way among the citizens, businesses, organizations and government initiatives that shows initiatives and resources that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment, that helps building a more equitable and inclusive social structure and that enriches the community and neighborhood tissue.
The map provides useful information about points of interest (eg shopping, accommodation, equipment and infrastructure), signposted with QR codes, and citizen experiences (stories, photos, activities) in the city.
Users can access the map from a website and a free application for mobile (App).

Community Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the project are:
- Have a tool that environment organizations and environmental education facilities see as a useful method to facilitate environmental education and sustainability among citizens.
- Visualize local environmental and sustainable initiatives that are close to neighborhoods in the city.
- Build the map with contributions, both individually and collectively.
- Visualize facilities and equipment that are aimed at providing a model for more sustainable tourism in the city.

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