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Tokyo Bike Green Map is nominated for GOOD DESIGN AWARDS

東京自転車グリーンマップがGOOD DESIGN AWARDにノミネートされました。”東京自転車グリーンマップを普及させ、自動車の代替としての自転車の利用を増やすことで、クリーンな環境とアメニティを取り戻し、地球温暖化の低減に貢献することをめざす。”というコンセプトで創られたこのグリーンマップは、”地図”という媒体を通して都市計画にまで発展させていく事を目的としています。“GOOD DESIGN展”が8月24日から26日まで東京ビッグサイトで開催されますので、是非足を運んで下さい。


Tokyo Bike Map is nominated for GOOD DESIGN AWARDS. This map is designed to contribute Global Warming by introducing "A Life Style with Bikes" in Tokyo. We hope this map helps to change Tokyo to Bike Friendly city.

Link to Good Design Exhibition


24th to 26th Aug 2007

at Tokyo Big site

This must be done quickly

This must be done quickly pass4sure 642-566 else the anger will mount. As it is we see one law for the rich and powerful and another law for pass4sure 000-974 the ordinary people. I hope you can emphasize to MACC not to drag its feet. Otherwise the stigma of cows and cars will bear home. The government have a lot of thing to do correctly to gain back pass4sure CISM credibility and trust. I hope you will not let this be one of the thing that got lost along the way. It should not be an item in the next pass4sure 642-691 election. The faster this get disposed the better it will be. a small congratulation