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MAP UNDER CONSTRUCTION--please contact us if you are interested in being a contributing mapmaker. Ibarra Verde brings the best of Ibarra to residents, tourists and anyone who wants super quality of life in this most beautiful of urban, human, natural, cultural landscapes. Ibarra Verde is a dynamic, living, eco-cultural landscape map focusing on all that makes Ibarra great--food, health, education, transport, nature in a dynamic urban environment!
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Reflecting the tendency throughout early 21st century Latin America, the city of Ibarra-Ecuador is facing a wide suite of opportunities and problems as it continues to grow exponentially. The Ibarra Verde project aims to create an interactive and constantly enriched, online mapping environment that points residents and visitors of the city to places and experiences that improve quality of life, while at the same time zeroing in on the potential problems the growing city faces. The philosophy that guides the project seeks to unite bio-eco-cultural processes with modern technology in such a way that human quality of life, along with the well-being of the natural-cultural landscape, is constantly being improved.

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