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Researching the Research

Over the years, a wide variety of research papers have been written about our work, digging into the outcomes, locally and globally. Now we are in the process of assessing each one for the benefit of future research and for best practice sharing.

The Green Map Research Archive is an ongoing project that began in August 2014. The first phase encompassing 25 diverse papers was recently completed in October, thanks to our fall intern, Shannon Hollenbeck. Currently she is building on the project and moving it into the next phase, which involves converting the archive into an online search tool. Our goal is to make the theses, doctorate and other papers available with their documentation of usage online complementing our current page at

Shannon is a graduate student at New York University studying global affairs and environmental policy. She has enjoyed being able to contribute to the project and hopes that it will have a positive impact and helps to ensure that society does not succumb to the worst impacts of climate change. Initial partners include the community-engaged research program at University of Victoria, Canada as well as professors at New York University.

The archive includes detailed information on each of the papers including the abstract, theme, key words, target audience, sustainability factors, geographic scope, university affiliation, info on maps/charts/graphs/info graphics, and finally the degree to which Green Maps are discussed in the paper. The papers range from case studies on specific locally-led Green Map projects and their influence on local sustainability initiatives, to broader research projects on tools for sustainable communities and fostering environmental education. We hope that by spring 2015, this valuable archive can be used as a tool by scholars, researchers, or mapmakers search through the data easily and be able to build on the literature and contribute to the knowledge.