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Green Map Bacau

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Adept Eco - un nou inceput
About this Map

Green Map Bacau (Harta Verde Bacau), part of a larger project, called Adept Eco, was compiled and executed by an extraordinary team led by a passionate educator and environmentalist Remus Lupu (NGO president). Ciprian Samoila, an ecologist promoting Green Maps in Romania, joined the team as a Green Map consultant after spending one month in an internship with Green Map System at its headquarters in Manhattan, New York. Its main goal was promoting ecobusiness throughout the city, green space activities and facilities, old or protected trees. Green Map Bacau charted the whole city of Bacau which has gone through extensive economic development and also change of land use with conversion of green/natural space to artificial surfaces such as buildings, car parkings etc.

Bacău - Bacau - Romania - Europe
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