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Green Map Bucharest

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Green Map Bucharest has been nationally distributed with National Geographic (May edition, 30,000 copies) and locally with Jurnalul National (50,000 copies). Copies of the printed map can also be requested from Goodartofnoon office in Bucharest, and freely distributed at museums and other touristic places.

Green Living in Bucharest
About this Map

The first map that identifies more than 1,000 sustainable resources in Bucharest. It offers an inventory of easily understood and recognized global resources. It is an instrument of education, planning, consultancy for the community, governmental organizations and non governmental business. Serving as the scale of comparison of Bucharest and other capitals / cities of Europe in terms of the quality of environment and development. The map includes eight categories of sustainable resources, illustrated by 46 icons grouped in culture, social, education and environment information, pollution, green economy, sport, recreation, mobility and nature. Also includes symbols specific at the local level: the symbol for the historical monuments.

Green Map Bucharest involved professionals, volunteers and collaborators as follows:

Project leader and GIS implementation: Ciprian Samoila.
Project administration: Ruxandra Soare, Calin Colacel, Razvan Ludu.
Volunteer team: Amalia Ghiban, Iolanda Trandafir, Diana Badea, Magdalena Naparus
Collaborators: Catalina Fodor, Adina Soare, George Culda, Dorel-Marian Rusti, Dana Pridie, Dan Hulea, Cristian Mihai, Paul Tibu, Atena Groza, Ionut Apostol, Vasile Craciunescu, Matt Palavido, Andrei Robu, Anca Gheorghe, Mona Nicolici
Cartography: Petruta Gaidaenco, Cezar Gherasim
Print & Web Design: Cristi Ludu

First edition of Green Map Bucharest was printed by Savio Group on recycled paper 100%.

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