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Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible

What is the Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible?

Is an interactive map of Barcelona, done in a collaboratively way among citizens, businesses, organizations and government initiatives that shows initiatives and resources that contributes to the improvement of the urban environment, that helps building a more equitable and inclusive social structure and that enriches the community and neighborhood tissue.
The map Barcelona + Sostenible, hereafter Mapa B+S, provides useful information about points of interest (e.g., shopping, accommodation, equipment and infrastructure) and citizens' experiences as stories, photos and activities. Users can access the map via the website and a free application for mobile.

The Mapa B+S is constructed with the contributions of individuals and entities in a collective form, through public-participation processes and mapping workshops; and/or in a particular way, points of interest, related photographs and/or textual stories.

The objectives of the Mapa B+S

• Advance in the social and business commitment towards sustainability and collaborative culture, to create spaces for exchange, participation and community meeting in the territory.
• Promote responsible behavior towards sustainable mobility, responsible production and consumption, respect for natural and cultural heritage, etc.
• Be a reference site for public consultation and become a regular element of consultation about the natural and social heritage and a tool to boost green economy.
• Become a tool open to public participation and to the city's transformation dynamism, collecting and valuing the experiences and knowledge at a citizens' scale.

Current numbers of Mapa B+S

At this time, as it can be checked here:
- 7000 points of interest
- 300 registered users
- 27 tracks
- 260 photographs
- 57 stories
- 107 icons that are grouped within these seven categories: Commerce, services and sustainable tourism, Sustainable companies and organizations, Communication and environmental education, Environmental and eco-innovation facilities, Accessibility and mobility, Community participation and innovation, and Natural and cultural heritage.

Mapa B+S in Open Green Maps

The MapaB+S is the city's contribution to the international initiative Open Green Maps, participating in more than 850 cities in 65 countries worldwide. The first green map of Barcelona city in this platform was made collectively throughout 1997-1998 and was published and ready to print in 1999. The Mapa B+S followed this essence but also adapted to the current new technologies.

After a participatory process with organizations, companies, schools, organizations and citizens, the Barcelona Agenda 21 took shape in the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2002 to 2012, a document that marked the roadmap toward a more equitable, prosperous and self-sufficient for the next 10 years. In 2012 Barcelona redefined its Urban Sustainability Commitment, and this established a route map to achieve a fairer, more prosperous and more self-sufficient city over the coming decade. The MapaB+S becomes a tool to present initiatives and/or resources that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment, the creation of a fairer and more inclusive social structure as well as the enrichment of community and neighborhood relations.

Growth of Mapa B+S

The initiatives included in the Mapa B+S have the aim to improve Barcelona's sustainability, provide social and environmental benefits and enjoying community recognition and citizen involvement. The map is intended to be inclusive and primarily reflect an ongoing process of improvement. The elements may represent a small or a big contribution, a new initiative or consolidated project. In order to be included in the MapaB+S, the point of interest should include some elements of the criteria set out in the icons and cannot contradict the fundamental principles of the map. Therefore, this tool is also a new way of environmental education, allowing reflect on what we understand is a criterion of sustainability and what is not.

How to validate and incorporate the points of interest in the Mapa B+S?

The itineraries included in the Mapa B+S are selected through public participation processes by organizing pre-mapping workshops between citizens, organizations, local agencies or any key actors of the territory to identify resources. All these will be led by a map coordinator to accomplish all the process and in the end publish a new itinerary in the MapaB+S.
As an individual, places of interest can also be suggested or add photos and stories related to the points of interest in the Mapa B+S. The recommended points are incorporated and validated by the MapaB+S Technical Secretary (La Fàbrica del Sol)- a municipal facility that provides technical support to its development- as well as by a team of experts on different topics.

Furthermore, any related events, such as collaborative mapping, or News are constantly updated in the Mapa B+S web.

Future of Mapa B+S

The current strategy and imminent position of the Mapa B+S is:
• Become a tool that environmental organizations and environmental education facilities see as a useful method to facilitate environmental education and sustainability among citizens;
• Visualize local environment and sustainable initiates that are close to neighborhoods in the city;
• Keep building the map with contributors, both individually and collectively;
• Visualize facilities and equipment that are aimed at providing a model for more sustainable tourism in the city.