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Liberty Conservation and Development Association was started in the year 2000 as a community-based organization located in Africa at Tororo Uganda. The aim of the organization is to protect and conserve the environment and to promote sustainable development. Liberty CDA consists of men, women and youth committed to working together to transforming planet earth, starting at home. Here, we introduce 4 projects and invite you to help us achieve our new goal, which will benefit all of the residents and environment of Uganda.

Green Map Project

The first project implemented was the making of the Tororo Green Map. This was first Green Map created on the African continent, according to global nonprofit Green Map System.

This Green Map helped everyone identify, promote and link areas of environment importance in Tororo with the help of collectively shared Green Map icons. The map has acted as an eye opener as far as environmental issues are concerned. In addition, the map was used by policy makers to help make Tororo a better place, and led to the projects described here. Liberty CDA has been using this map to help promote more friendly green sites, and as a way to build capacity.

Tree Planting

In 2009, Liberty CDA promoted the planting of five thousand trees (woodlot, agro forestry and fruit tree species) to the community and children in schools. We raised environmental awareness as we raised tree seedlings and then distributed these seedlings to children and to people for planting in the community. Online donations through Global Giving helped us raise US$1000 to implement the tree planting project.

Now, the agro forestry trees planted by the farmers have helped improve soil fertility which has resulted in an increase in crop production. The oranges and pawpaw fruit trees have started producing fruits for the people to eat or sell to raise income. In general, the trees have helped to improve on the climate, and as a result people have attained a greater degree of improved health.

The woodlot trees planted have grown, yielding poles for construction and fuel wood used for cooking. At the same time, we have also promoted the use of fuel efficient cooking stoves, sparing more trees from destruction.

Extending to efficiency and agro services

Liberty CDA has been providing affordable plough services to farmers using a hand tractor and oxen. These farmers can have increased crop production by 30% as compared to when they used a labour-intensive hand hoe. This has helped to reduce the ongoing problem of food insecurity.

Current Project Plan

Bringing all this experience together, Liberty CDA plans to plant 200,000 trees in Tororo in four phases over the next four years. The project will form wildlife clubs in four selected schools where a tree nursery will be established to raise tree seedling. As the seedlings are ready for transplanting, they will be planted in and around the school compound and given to the children to take home and plant. Some trees will be given to the community, especially to churches and mosques. Alongside the planting of trees, the project will promote the use of 200 fuel efficient cooking stoves.

The total project cost is US$ 100,000 over four years. Each year US$25,000 will be needed to implement the complete project. We are requesting for a donation of any amount to help us implement this very important project. The donors will be thanked by the children by a letter written to him/her, along with photos of children and community members planting trees. Some of trees planted will be named after the donor. Your gift will raise the environmental awareness of children and adults throughout our community. Find Bank Wire in the PDF below.

Contact Us

Our mailing address is Liberty Conservation and Development Association P.O. Box 167, Tororo Uganda. Contact person – Odulla Joseph email – odulla2000 at Tel. +256 774 341 366 – will be happy to answer questions and confirm donations. Thank you for helping this community make their dream come true.

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