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News from Curitiba Brazil

Participant at the Open University of Maturity

We're happy to share recent publication news from Profesor Rodrigo Botelho-Francisco and Joana Gusmão. provided by Maria do Carmo Duarte Freitas, professor at Universidade Federal do Paraná

Green Map Report - 2016

Local coverage:

Presentation of the Green Map Project on April 28, 2016, for a class of the elderly participants of the Open University of Maturity (approximately 70 people) and realization of a dynamic with the class using the Green Map icons and their meaning,

National coverage:

Enrollment of a poster about the Green Map Project in the Regional Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Science Progress (Palhoça/Santa Catarina), and the presentation of the poster on October 06, 2016. Access the abstract.

International coverage:

Enrollment of an article related to the Green Map Project in the SBE16 Brazil & Portugal (part of the International Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series) in Vitória/Espírito Santo. Access the article.

Enrollment of a video poster also for the SBE16 Brazil & Portugal besides a presencial presentation about the article on September 07, 2016, in the session Training and education to promote adoption of sustainable approaches. Access the video poster.

Wonderful work in and around Curitiba Brazil!