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Baltimore Update

Think Global. Map Local. Hi Tech, low tech, both have their charms.

Low tech works well for outreach. It's fun, immediate, and stimulates interesting conversations. Baltimore Green Map used icon stickers, 4 x 6 cards and a city map to collect new sites to be Green Mapped at Baltimore Office of Sustainability's annual Town Hall on April 18. We learned about several community gardens and orchards that are new to our map and recorded why there is pride in these community accomplishments. This methodology also became the vehicle to learn of several locations where residents see opportunities for major improvements. That points the way to new hyper-local mapping to give voice to their ideas.

At the same time, hoping to instigate more global exchange, we are talking with our local Sister Cities programs in Rotterdam and in Xiamen about youth program virtual exchanges in the future. For that, we are happy to be exploring the new digital platforms that Green Map System is testing. We are also experimenting with digital scavenger hunts, looking at ways to go beyond making maps into engaging people with new experiences. All this in pursuit of a wide-spread stewardship ethic for our public lands, private domains, and future of the planet.