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NYC Ranger Conservation Corps' Mapmaking

When the first Green Map of NYC was made back in 1992, people were surprised to see the abundance of nature in the city. We realized the importance of promoting our wealth of parks, beaches and other natural places as a way to promote ‘staycations’, support engagement, protect the wilderness, reduce sprawl and improve quality of life, across the board.

That’s why we are especially excited to share the first Green Map made by the Manhattan Ranger Conservation Corps! Created with a cool after-school program run by the Urban Park Rangers of NYC Parks, you can check out their map at It provides an enticing look at the lovely places that host classes, walks and workshops. Join the Urban Park Rangers on an upcoming program – there’s a calendar full of terrific events on the NYC Parks website - it’s quite remarkable!

Use the embed code to add this interactive map to your own website or blog (on Wordpress, choose "html"-mode, not "visual").

Green Map System, which is based near this program, met with the Urban Park Rangers and their Manhattan Ranger Conservation Corps participants this Spring in a workshop setting. We are also looking forward to extending our work with NYC Dept of Parks - yes, there have been Green Maps made in and about several of our 1,700 parks, some by Carlos Martinez, our long-time friend, staff member and now Board member as well as Deputy Director of NYC Parks GreenThumb . We love NYC parks!