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TSOYING GREENMAP台灣在近年的教育改革裡著重學生的素養能力與主題統整能力,在學科知識之外,希望啟發學生對生命與人的疼惜與愛護,從在地到國際,堅定自我文化價值的同時,延伸國際視野,致力永續生活!所以左營高中希望透過左營綠活圖的教材繪製,讓學生在探索社區自然、人文資源與景點的實作與發現裡,培養對社區關懷的能力,跟上國際永續生活的軌道,發現世界的美好。
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In recent years, Taiwan's education reform focuses on students' literacy and subject integration ability. In addition to subject knowledge, Taiwan hopes to inspire students to cherish life and people from the local to the international firm self-cultural values,and extend the international perspective. Committed themselves to sustainable life! Therefore, the Tsoying Senior High school hopes to draw through the green living map, so that in the exploration of natural, cultural resources and attractions,can discover and cultivate their ability to keep up with international sustainable life track and find a better world .

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