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Award List

Some of Green Map's awards

We were recently asked to post a list of our awards. Find details and honors to our network and team in our Awards section too!

Honors for Green Map System:

2015: Certificate of Appreciation, International Visitors Program, US Dept. of State

2013: Creative Climate Action Award, NYC

2012: Google 24 Hours of Good

2011: NetSquared Invitational Winner

2011: Victor J. Papanek Social Design Award

2011: Treehugger Best of Green - Smartphone App

2010: Living Labs Global Winner

2010: Treehugger Best of Green - Best Eco Travel Resource

2009: Index Awards, finalist - Social Design, Denmark

2009: We Media, finalist - We Media and Ashoka Changemakers USA

2008: Maps in Apps, third place - Tele Atlas USA

2007: Environmental Quality Award - US EPA, Region 2

2005: NGO Global Village Exhibit Award - Aichi EXPO 2005, Japan

2002: Spirit of the Land Award - 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics USA

2001: Technology Benefiting Humanities Awards laureate - The Tech Museum USA

2001: Certificate of Merit - Municipal Art Society USA

2000: Project Around the World - EXPO 2000, Germany

1999: National Award for Sustainability - President's Council on Sustainable Development

1998: Global Best Practices 100 List - United Nations Habitat, Kenya