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The Green Map of Rio de Janeiro

We intend to use the Green Map as a source of information on Rio de Janeiro's green attractions but also as a window to a number of EcoDesign projects developed by our school and other organizations.
About this Map

The map to addresses issues concerning tourist information, the history of the city, social sustainability as well as environmental issues. We are working on digital maps of the city, including green areas. We present the environmental initiatives linked with the restoration and preservation of Rio's historic forests and forests trails. The GIS Software, especially Arcview, is used during the construction of the maps. Corel Draw is also used after the GIS maps are completed. We have created new icons for new events to be included in the map. Our design concept is to introduce the city through the GMS Web (history, panoramic views), then we will start presenting the city's green areas and eco projects developed by the city Mayor and other organizations.

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