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Green Map around Asagaya Station Kids Edition, Tokyo - 阿佐ヶ谷駅周辺グリーンマップ キッズ編

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The “Green Map around Asagaya Station” was created around the concept, ‘town where human and nature live together’ by children as part of “Suginami Green Map” project. - 「すぎなみグリーンマップ」制作プロジェクトの一端として、『人と自然が息づく街』をコンセプトとした「阿佐ヶ谷駅周辺グリーンマップ」が子供たちの手によって制作されました。
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In April 2003, “Suginami Green Map” completed registration of license to the Green Map head office in New York as the 14th Green Map in Japan. Suginami is a residential town where 500,000 people live located on Musashino Plateau in the western Tokyo. How many attractive and precious environments in this typical residential town? “Suginami Green Map” project was launched around the concept, ‘town where human and nature live together’ for finding the real nature of our town that we have never noticed before through Green Mapmaking process.

Children from the first grade to the eighth grade got together for kid’s edition Mapmaking on June 10th, August 8th, and October 26th, 2003. Children explored their town looking for child friendly eco-sites, parks, recreation areas, eco-spiritual sites, and so on. Besides, they check over both eco-friendly sites and blight sites and finally created the “Green Map around Asagaya Station” that was based on 5 key words, including “Green,” “Eco-spirit,” “Comfort,” “Relief,” and “Culture.”

There are no updates on this project.

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