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The Meadowlands, New Jersey

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A Green Map of the Meadowlands.
About this Map

In 2005, the first mass produced edition of this map was published, 5 years after on-demand copies became available. It's appropriate because this Green Map is the most often requested item produced by the Meadowlands Commission! Originally, it was published in a unique way: copies of the large poster version and colorful brochure were printed upon request, so users always had the latest, most up-to-date version.

First published during Spring 2000 by the New Jersey Meadowlands Development Commission, a state regional agency, the map includes parts of two counties. Totally redesigned in 2002, this project (and ecological viewpoint of the organization behind it) gets better all the time! This project is led by Katy Weidel, a landscape architect, and this friendly Green Map features parks and trails, landfill resoration sites, wetlands and waterbodies, along with all of the open space planned for preservation in the district.

There are no updates on this project.

- New Jersey - United States - North America
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