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Grant County/Muncie, Indiana

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The Green Map committee began meeting in September 2002, with the leadership of Mikey Brooks. In Autumn 2003, Geographic Information Systems Planner for Delaware County Kyle Johnson took over as Mapmaker, and soon after, an interactive website was taking shape! This project is involving many minds and hands, with this image as a sample of what's online. Please check their website for much much more. We also like the tree planting project this Green Map team has undertaken -- over 460 native trees were planted along the White River through the center of the city in the floodplain to improve water quality, reduce erosion and provided better habitat for aquatics. Over 100 volunteers, 15 different civic groups and government entities took part.

Grant County will be charted using GIS and environmental studies student ingenuity, under the leadership of Michael D. Guebert, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Science at Taylor University's Randall Center for Environmental Studies. The plan is to involve successive semesters of students.

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