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Alachua County/Gainesville, Florida

The Alachua Plan
About this Map

Sustainable Alachua County is leading the Green Mapping effort, under the leadership of that organization's executive director, Dedee Delongpre and project coordinator Naomi Ganyo. Their Green Scene website is online, collecting site suggestions and sharing news about the project. Plans include the printing and widespread distribution of a full-color map throughout the City of Gainesville and an interactive online database version of the map using ArcIMS. The first phase involves a 40-member Green Map Advisory Board, which began meeting to set criteria for inclusion in February 2005. Now phase 2 data collection is underway. The Green Team, a small group of energetic and talented volunteers are collecting and verifying data, and holding community workshops to enhance the project. The team will develop an educational presentation to take to elementary and secondary schools, using neighborhood mapping techniques to teach about the relationship of humans to the natural and built environments. These will continue after publication and distribution of the Green Map.

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