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Jakarta, Indonesia

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In Jakarta, Indonesia, a Green Map charting the neighborhood of Kemang was published in February 2002, in the centerfold of Aikon Media Publik magazine. Writer Marco Kusumawijaya coordinated the project, with other members of the Aikon Media Publik Foundation. Kemang was selected as the starting point of this city-wide project because this district that easily represents the whole Jakarta in a compact fashion, with alternative cultural and environmental resources that are not yet known well enough by community and policy makers. The Kemang Green Map shows a wonderful range of resources!

A website will be making its debut soon, and the second expanded edition of the Kemang Green Map made its debut at the end of 2002. It's a remarkable map that was well received in Jakarta. Click for a picture of the very successful Launch event for the Menteng Green Map in January 2003. This was the 150th Green Map published in the world!

On October 31, 2003, the third neighborhood Green Map, of Menteng, made its debut. Menteng's project involves about 25 volunteers -- journalists, architects, students, urban planners, graphic designers, environmental activists and others. Thanks to support from Goethe Institut Inter Nationes Jakarta for the launch event and the map itself! We are looking forward to sharing an image soon. We are also excited by the outreach being undertaken by this team, spreading the Green Map concept across Java and elsewhere in Indonesia. As of mid-2006, there is an astonishing list of locale and partners! Marco has written a History and Green Map has contributed an article to Orion Society's website, too. Find out - is it a myth that an Orngutan started the Green Map movement?

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