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Green Map in Okazaki, Aichi

”Tradition and Nature” – let's know more about our town and pride ourselves on our town. Continue monthly town walking to know our town and breed our love for our town.
About this Map

“Green Map in Okazaki” project was launched in the spirit of knowing more about out town and share our discovery. People don’t know so much how high number of historic sites are there in Okazaki City. Therefore, we hold town walking once a month with history instructor and past participants are over 300.

Members are actively take part in local events and environmental education for increasing their small discovery. They prepare hand-made panel for introducing their activity, icon cards for memory, and icon Rubik’s Cube.

Mapmaker Ms. Kurata said she realized “activity for scattering seed of findings” of Green Map reached out to children who are bearers of the future and local residents. For example, some group of elementary school students found place full of garbage when they are walking around for map making and voluntarily gave a helping hand to local residents.
Moreover, they promoted their project regardless of handicap because the theme of their activity was “Social Welfare.”

  “Green Map in Okazaki” was developed to friendly city planning with breeding love for our town with sharing discovery among people of all ages and diverse status.

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