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Setagaya Green Map, Tokyo

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Setagaya Green Map was the first Green Map created in the metropolitan Tokyo area. This map was launched for learning “Setagaya of today” by the people who loves Setagaya and hope to maintain their living.
About this Map

Setagaya Green Map was created to chart the precious resources that are often neglected by economically-focused urban development.

We expect a lot of findings and experiences convey more familiar fact and we hold a dream that our Green Map connect to the world.

The first version of Setagaya Green Map was created by many city planning organization with centering on what members found within their communities, town tour workshop, and result of questionnaire.

We started creating neighborhood Green Maps with community members through what we call machi-meguri workshops. Machi means town, and meguri refers both to walking around and the circulation of value within the community. We held the first one in the Kuhonbutsu neighborhood in 1999, when GMS Director Wendy Brawer visited Japan.

Inspired by other Green Maps including Toronto's, we decided to use an aerial photograph as the base map to give an overall image of existing greenery. We overlaid the photograph with precise digital road data to facilitate its use as a map, obtaining all original data free of charge from the local government for this non-profit activity.

There are no updates on the project.

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