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Takaoka Green Map, Toyama Pref.

Our theme is environmentally conscious tourism including reduction of CO2 emission. We create maps for sightseeing in Takaoka City by using bicycles and public transportation facilities.
About this Map

Our school project was adopted as “Modern Educational Needs Support Program” by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We created Takaoka Green Map within this program. Junior collage students created this map in Japanese, English, and Chinese as part of their classes.

As Takaoka is famous for a “manufacturing city,” we can find a lot of places and goods that are related to traditional handicraft when we walk around our city. This map is best suited to town walking with touching traditional handicraft around casting and lacquer craft in Takaoka.

We created 2 local icons that show traditional handicraft. Though they are the same design, we changed their colors to show casting and lacquer craft. The name of the map is “Handicraft Exploration Edition.”

We hope that people use our maps to get familiar with Takaoka City, Toyama that treasures not only traditional handicraft, but also history, culture and public art with maps in their hands.

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