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Step in the right direction with the Swansea Green Map and Sustainability Trail
About this Map

It goes without saying that most of the things we do in
our day-to-day lives have an impact on the environment
or on someone, somewhere, somehow. Sustainability is
about how we can enjoy a good quality of life whilst still
protecting our stunning landscapes and reducing the
impact we have on our natural environment and people,
locally and globally.
We want to help Swansea become a really sustainable
place to live, work and visit – and that means we ALL
need to TAKE ACTION! That’s why we’ve produced this
Green Map, which highlights over 250 resources that will
help you choose more sustainable ways of living.
Remember – Every Action Counts – and the more we do,
and the more of us that do it, the bigger the impact for a
better future (go to for
more info).
We’re not on our own; the Swansea Green Map is just
one of over 400 Green Map projects that are part of an
ever growing international movement, promoting and
supporting action for sustainability in more than 50
countries around the world.
Next time you’re on the internet, check out the interactive
version of this map at -
because it’s on a website it has a lot more info than we
could fit in here! While you’re there, why not have a look
at other Green Maps, go to
About us – Sustainable Swansea is a partnership project
that is led by Swansea Environmental Forum (SEF). SEF is
an association of organisations, groups and individuals
working together to initiate, develop and coordinate
action for the environment across Swansea – SEF also
compiled Swansea’s Environment Strategy and Action Plan.

The future of Swansea’s GREEN MAP is in your
hands - literally! If you have any suggestions,
comments or revisions please contact us.

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