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KSGU Green Map, Kobe City, Maya-Ward

The KSGU Green Map Project is initiated as a research activity for a 1st year class in Kobe Shukugawa Gakuin University. It tended to facilitate ecotourism in Kobe by mapping out potential natural, cultural, ecological resources in the area.
About this Map

This map is focused on city center around Chuo-ward and Rokko Maya-ward.
The purpose of the map making is for balancing between tourism and environment (promoting eco-tourism) as a part of collage course. Students research for eco-tourism around Kobe City and Rokko Maya-ward and release the information of eco-tourism resources, including nature/historical/cultural resources, and eco-tours.
Through this work, students are expected to gain inquisitive/outgoing spirit.

There are no updates on this project.

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