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Nagakute Green Map, Aichi

Ngakute City was the event site of 2005 Aichi EXPO and we introduce this wonderful city by mapping both western region adjacent to Nagoya City and eastern countryside holding mountain area. Our Green Map contributes to conservation of present nature environment.
About this Map

In Nagakute City the number of residents are increasing because the city is becoming a bedroom suburb of Nagoya City, however, new residents does not feel interested in their own city so much. Therefore, “Green Map Nagakute” was created in collaboration with public administration for the purpose of discovering/informing local good things.

As part of the activity, we walk around the city and inform local resources to neighborhoods. Besides, through the event “Take Tourou Nagashi” contributed to enhancing cooperation/network with local residents and leaded to creation of new power for town planning.

Mapmaker Mr. Nakajima said “We want to engage in the theme ‘How new residents get involved in historical things and humans’ after Aichi EXPO 2005.” Walking around the city is exciting all the better for the difficulty of solving the problem. They aim to proceed sustainable development in Nagakute City by sharing the information of the Green Map.

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