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Tokyo Cycling Green Map

The Tokyo Cycling Green Map was created to encourage development of a bike lane network and safer riding by Urban Ecology Tokyo and volunteers since 2006. The first printed citywide version was published in January 2007. There is also an interactive online edition in Japanese or in English that anyone can add green sites to and use to get involved in creating a better environment for cycling in this metropolis.
About this Map

We're so pleased to share the news that the Tokyo Cycling Green Map won a GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2007 in the category of Communications - this is the most honorable design award in Japan!

The jury valued this beautiful map and the concepts behind Green Mapmaking. “Tokyo Cycling Green Map is a design evolution that emerged from citizens, not from corporations. It is important to raise the quality of “Design” in social movements led by non-profit organizations concerned with the networking of citizens to address social problems,” commented the jurors.

Tokyo Cycling Green Map will continue to develop printed and online maps with easier functions and utilize their excellent design skills in order to shift Tokyo toward becoming a more sustainable city.

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