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2003-2006 Toyota City Green Map, Aichi

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Toyota City, Japan's Green Map is being created for the purpose of building a bright and prosperous society by members of Toyota Seinen Kaigisho (Junior Chamber International Toyota) and Green Map Aichi project.
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“Town development is human education” - they launched Green Mapmaking in order to get people more interested in town planning and increasing activists.

Yoshihide Ichikawa is leading the effort with Ryohei Ito as contact person. Their first edition was completed in late 2003, an exciting hand-made view of this large city reflecting the input of many community members (for example, children created a Green Map at the environmental education camp).

They encouraged local government to participate in their movement and in 2004, the project expanded, and a more complete and professionally published Green Map “Toyota Green Map” was the outcome. Their maps were distributed to local elementary schools and administrations. Later, they took part in an umbrella project, “Aichi Green Map project” for Aichi EXPO 2005. Around the same time, they launched another Toyota City map project called “Nagomi Map,” using only “Eco-spiritual site” icon that led them to realize citizens could share the information of good places each other although they didn’t know about Green Map. Also, they held environmental learning school for elementary school students so that they know more about excitement and benefit of Green Mapmaking. They had been trying to introduce environmental education into Toyota City since they launched Green Map project in 2003.

Because Toyota Seinen Kaigisho is not a professional organization for Green Mapmaking, they will transfer all of the responsibility in 2008 to a new local professional association for environmental education, which consists of local residents.

There are no updates on this project.

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