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Anjo City Green Map, Aichi Pref.

This map is created for the purpose of informing people about Meiji irrigation canal that has been fostering Anjo City. We utilize it for human resource development of the bearer of local future.
About this Map

We create 4 groups by local districts and ran 8 courses with classroom lectures and fieldworks, including 4 themes - ‘climate change,’ ‘riparian life,’ ‘farm/rural land,’ ‘town development.’ Through the fieldworks, we realized there were a lot of new discoveries when we were walking around the city, and confirmed the feelings of improving more about Anjo City.

As just described, Green Map is a useful tool for human resource development. After training, students can make use of this map as part of environmental education when they become lecturers as local leaders for integrated learning. In fact, they received requests from elementary schools and implemented this.

There are no updates on this project.

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