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Chitahanto Green Map, Aichi Pref.

The theme of Chitahanto Green Map is children, nature, and welfare. The purpose of the map is heightening children’s sensitivity through having contact with nature.
About this Map

We took in Green Mapmaking in Child Eco Club and nature walking. We took advantage of connections that members have, for example, a qualified nature-walk instructor Mr. Tamada and his colleagues created a map in cooperation with a parent-child nature-walk group of Chitahanto.

He created “Handa Child Eco Club” and children member participated in Green Mapmaking. Mr. Yamada told children were getting interested in mapmaking by having discussion with each other and choosing icons at the nature walk. At first, mapmaking activity was only in Handa City, but it spread to all over the region in Chitahanto.

Besides, we have a new connection through map making. For instance, we start Green Mapmaking in the spirit of “fostering children’s heart through having connection with nature” at first, but we add “welfare” to the theme after meeting wheelchair users. Previously, we focused on mapmaking but are planning to familiarize our Green Map in our communities with holding workshops in the future.

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