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Inazawa City Green Map, Aichi Pref.

This map is created for the purpose of providing the catalyst for citizens to become interested in their city and accelerating their participation in town development. Our goal is promoting sustainable town development in cooperation with citizens.
About this Map

Green Map is the entrance of town development. Mr. Kashima tolds he wants to solve local issues by himself as much as possible and if he can’t, he wants to do so with his colleagues, and if they still can’t solve, they want to work with government. They act for the purpose of improving their town as much as possible by working with several issues contributing their communities in a positive way. Among their activities, Green Map is a tool for people to enjoy watching their town. Thus, the most important thing is not mapmaking but participation of citizens in the spirit of self-help and mutual assistance.

We have hold town walking with many kinds of groups, including Boy Scout and elementary school/high school students. We realized most of participants who got interested in mapmaking cannot continue their activities after completing the map, and we are searching for the way participants can continue their activities, such as adopting community currency.

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