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Owariasahi City Green Map, Aichi Pref.

This Green Map was created for the purpose of discovering local resources by walking around Owariasahi City under the friendly themes for local residents, including “Flower” and “Historical Site.”
About this Map

Owariasahi is a city with a population of 80,000, locating adjacent to Nagoya City. Since February 2003, local residents launched “Green Map Owariasahi” in order to inform citizens to know more about their city.

They divided city by region and walked around each region and talked with local residents. After walking, they create Green Map of each course by putting icon seals. They took a measure of walking by region and spread Green Mapmaking all over the city.

They called for local residents to be engaged in this movement by creation of the flyers featuring familiar themes, including “Flower,” “Historical Site,” and “Historical Street.” Mapmaker Mr. Wakasugi said “Creating Green Map by region makes it easier for local residents to participate, and it provides communication opportunities.” He also thought it’s important to talk with local residents. About 20 “Town Walking “ had been held so far, attracting over 500 participators.

Besides, the local administration came to know about Green Map soon after its publication and their cooperation with local government is getting stronger and stronger. For instance, they provide local information that they got through mapmaking to city planning department, and providing opportunity for environmental policy makers to know about Owariasahi City by using Green Map.

There are no updates on this project.

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