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Ricoh Chubu Office Green Map

The world’s first office Green Map. We can inform our activity for office environment inside and outside of our company by way of our homepage and use it for connecting tool for the next step up. We use it for reform office consciousness and as information tool for supervised tour(office eco-tour)visitors.
About this Map

What inspired us to crate Green Map was a planning event for outside company. When we were thinking about information tool of our activity for office environment, we took a hint from “Kanazawa Green Map” which received “Green Promotion” subsidy of environmental grant program and came to launch our mapmaking activity.

We held study sessions for raising awareness of workers. We handed over two Green Maps to visitors. One is for putting some comments through the office eco-tour because we wanted to make use of their ideas for the improvement of office environment. The point improved after that is represented by ”eye-drop” with red letter, “Kaizen.” That is, our office Green Map is continuously changing in accordance with office environment.

Our Green Map practically indicates that the map can inform our activities for improving office environment inside and outside of the office. This office Green Map is with a dozen of possibilities and most of foreign mapmakers become highly interested in it.

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