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Aichi Cycle Green Map

This is an ‘Access Map’ showing the easiest way for bicyclists to the event site of “Aichi EXPO 2005.” Although all the icons are original, we bring the philosophy and methods of Green Map.
About this Map

They launched our project in June 2002, hoping to spread bicycle-based lifestyle. They thought philosophy of Green Map was consistent with theirs. They also thought Green Map’s method was fantastic because streets were not just dots and spread to lines, to areas.

Because there was a limit to represent all by original Green Map, they adopted only method and using icons all designed by themselves. Their free spirit and great footwork overlap the attraction of bicycle and their lifestyles.

The most pleasure for Mapmaker Mr. Kimura was some bicyclists told him that the map was exactly the same as the actual area when he visited bicycle rental shop at “Aichi EXPO 2005.”

  The goal is to crate bicycle map of whole Nagoya City. No one in the world doesn’t create a bicycle map on two million city scale. Riding a bicycle leads to reduction of CO2 and they are acting for the purpose of providing people different modes of transportation, including automobiles, trains, bicycles, and walk, and spreading environmental-friendly lifestyle as a result.

There are no updates on this project.

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