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Showa-Ku Green Map, Aichi Pref.

This map is created for the purpose of planning “human/nature-friendly city with universal design” which livable and safety so anyone can visit easily.
About this Map

Mapmaker Mr. Kawai is a lover of maps and had created local walking maps with the themes of history and culture before. When he heard about Green Map, he decided to create maps of the same region he made but from a different standpoint.
As to “Showa-Ku Green Map,” citizens and local government cooperate to engage in this project.

They share their roles, for example, citizens mainly take on research activities such as walking, and writing manuscripts. And local government records their activities, creates manuscripts for printing by PC, prints maps, and distributes maps for transmitting information.

Their characteristic is changing map theme every year. For instance, their theme was “foreigner-friendly city” in 2004, “elderly-friendly city” in 2005, and in 2006, their theme will be “child-raising.” Because the theme changes every year, mapmaking members are not always the same and they solicit members who are interested in the theme of each year.

For mapmaker Mr. Kawai, the good thing is that he could have various meetings. Having such opportunity means meeting diversity of values and he could broaden his world. He is highly motivated and eager to continue his activities and invite more and more people to participate.

There are no updates on this project.

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