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Rockland Green Map

Mapping green and sustainable resources for our future
About this Map

This map is our first attempt to publish our green sites online, and we are happy to do so by using the OpenGreenMap test site. We hope that putting our sites up there will inspire the community to add more by pointing out what we have missed (suggest a site through our website

At this point we think publishing a map online only is the most environmental and practical alternative, but we are also planning a poster map for outreach and display. If we find the time and possibly a volunteer designer (web or map/graphic) we think we can get a map out this summer.

About Rockland County
Rockland County is part of the suburban regions around NY City where you get the best out of two worlds; the close proximity to the city is balanced with the vast expanses of park and farmland. Rockland County has the second largest state park, Harriman, and has a good amount of green space considering it is so close to the city and considering it is a small county. However, this region currently experiences population growth, which puts pressure on the existing green areas, undeveloped land, and infrastructure. We think a green map here would inspire people to take care of our green resources.

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